Behavioural business, in ethical way

Our mission is to promote understanding and responsible use of advanced influencing techniques by businesses and organizations.

‘Understanding’ means becoming conscious of the many biases that drive our everyday decisions.

‘Responsible’ means professional but ethical approach in all areas where we use influencing techniques without the others’ knowledge.

Our methods are based on science - physiological, psychological and cultural coding, cognitive biases.

This guarantees a sound, unbiased approach. To stay current, we also continuously upgrade our methodology based on the latest research findings.

Our approach is pragmatic and practical. We teach our clients how to apply the methods immediately, to effectively address real business issues. We do this based on our combined front-line business experience of 100+ years, across 40+ countries in North America, Europe, Asia.


From better predictions to better decisions to better results - with a cognitive toolbox

High quality decision making requires us to be conscious of the many ‘short-cuts’ our brains use to speed up our actions. The first step is therefore applying our new learnings about coding techniques and use of cognitive biases to ourselves.

Most of the time the short cuts our brains take are very useful. Without them we could not deal with the thousands of decisions we need to make every day. However, when it comes to strategic decisions the same shortcuts often lead us astray. That is why strategic leaders need to build a decision making process that automatically cancels out harmful biases. We need to look beyond data quality and availability to make the best decisions. We call this “building the right decision architecture” - to eliminate cognitive traps.

High quality business actions also require an understanding of how the same forces drive our employees, business partners, competitors, customers.

Behavioural economics already take into account human behaviour in making predictions. We enable our clients to use a “behavioural business” approach in making decisions and taking actions. Most companies and individuals only understand their relatively small “conscious decision making area”. Therefore, those who understand and influence the larger unconscious area of decision drivers gain the advantage of “Asymmetric Decision Making”. Knowing coding techniques will give you this advantage.

Asymmetric decision making strongly improves the predictive power of current best practices, like big data analytics and AI-based predictive models. Current techniques use correlation analysis to predict the future. They make predictions based on correlation with our experience from the past. In a fast changing environment available data on past experiences can quickly become outdated. Adding the use of coding and cognitive tools re-establishes high reliability, by adding the constant human element. We take advantage of the fact that our brains work the same way century after century. Therefore, passing “machine predictions” through our “human filter” will give a more reliable view of the future.

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Our Team

100+ years management experience in 40+ countries - North America, Europe, Asia

Sandy Vaci

Founding Partner / Principal

Professor, author, executive mentor, board member, senior advisor, business owner

Frigyes Endersz


Strategist, brand and story builder, consumer enthusiast, advisor

Dr. Rudolf Vogl

Strategic Partner

Certified Practitioner of Digital Age Leadership, public sector leader, private sector executive

Javier G. Monedero

Strategic Partner

Intercultural ambassador, creative problem eliminator, business builder, sales executive